Sunday, October 27, 2013

Will Run For Burritos

Dan Run For Burritos Too!

 So this weekend was pretty great.  We managed to get some kick butt food in and some great times with friends.  Above is the best, only?, food truck in Champaign Urbana.  If you think you've had better food, you're wrong.  Let me tell you why.  Egg, Salami, Bacon, Cream Cheese, Bread.  Boom.  Your argument is invalid.  And I feel really bad for you if you haven't experienced the Cracked Truck yet.

While Julia was slaving over a hot bun in the oven I was out blazing trails.  Literally.  My uber-friend senor Will got me to sign up for a halloween trail run in the beautiful U of I's Allerton park.  I'm not one to brag, but it was 5.7 miles.  There were lots of rocks, hills, some mud, and even a Darth Vader sighting.  I'm not exactly sure what our costume was but I know one thing.  We were just friends.
Anywho.  Think laid back peaceful vibes for Julia this week.  I'm pretty sure that I won't get to see her until next saturday.  Parent Teacher Conferences and Halloween performances with her students will be taking over what little free time she has in a normal week.  Me, don't worry about me.  I've got my bank card and a long list of restaurants that deliver.

Look out for a BIG post next weekend.  We're meeting up with both the Oncologist and the Midwives.

Ooh!  I almost forgot.
Took a tour of the labor and delivery floor at our hospital.  It is really cool.  And I ran in to a fellow classmate from high school who is one of the nurses on that floor.  That's the second nurse we know that works there.  And they love our Doula.  I'm feeling like we've got an unstoppable team assembled and I'm wholly convinced that this is going to be an awesome experience.

So those question things Julia always answers:


In or out:  

Only in the morning if I ate too much pizza.

Ok whatever.  See you next week.  Here's my favorite picture of Julia with blue hair:

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Gender Norms

A subject I have always felt very passionate about is gender stereotypes.

I feel I was raised in a pretty typical "traditional" family dynamic. Dad worked, but so did mom. Mom cleaned, did laundry, cooked. Though as I got older and Dad was home more he started to cook. Mom knew how to fix little things around the house, Dad knew who to call to get something fixed. We went out to eat where Dad wanted to go, ate what Dad liked and watched whatever he wanted on TV. 

I was a hard core feminist in high school and challenged anyone who said I couldn't do something because I was a girl. Arguing with teachers and classmates was my specialty. I also made sure that during recess that I was allowed to play football or soccer with the boys even if I had to "tattle".

I knew that getting married to someone would sort of ruin my image of myself as some independent, traveling, feminist rocker, but Dan was able to make me settle down.

We have been together now for almost 11 years. He knew when he asked me to marry him (I had a huge problem with him asking me and asked him a few times, but it never took) that I wouldn't be into doing all the housework myself or watching just what he wanted on TV. Luckily we have been happily married for almost 7 years and have learned a lot about what we want in a marriage, let alone our relationship.

Dan does the laundry, cleans up in the kitchen and builds/fixes anything we need. I like to cook, clean the rest of the house and paint stuff. In the end our roles are not that ground breaking in the ending of gender stereotypes. 

Having a child though does make you reevaluate a lot of things. Specifically what we want our parent styles to look like to our child. 

Being a teacher automatically makes me more knowledgeable about children. Having a little sister and constantly babysitting other kids growing up helps me feel comfortable around children. Dan however still feels a little lost thinking about how to discipline or even communicate with a child. However he is great at dealing with teenagers and their sarcastic tendencies (surprise, surprise). I know he will have more patience than I will, especially if I become frustrated or angry. He is just better at keeping his cool.

I like the idea of our boy having a childhood that is full of love and examples of what a healthy person, a healthy relationship, and a healthy family looks like. That is what is most important to us. Making sure we raise a boy who respects women, knows how to cook and do his own laundry is just icing on the cake. 

I know we will make mistakes and have problems come up. Being able to step back and ask ourselves, are we raising a contributing member to society will help keep us focused on the final goal of raising a child.

So, this all started as I sit here and watch the Colts/Broncos game while Dan cooks us dinner. I have always liked sports more than Dan. I played on a bunch of teams growing up and had a Dad who was very sports oriented. We knew if it was football season that any and all games were going to be on the TV that day.  I sort of laughed at thinking about how different our relationship is compared to my parents and other couples. But I really love our family dynamic and it works for us. Plus, he is turning into a much better cook than me. Proof:

I am not eating enough protein and he heard quinoa had a ton, so he just found the 
best recipe on the internet for it! He even looked up plating techniques. This guy!

It was a busy weekend for me, though I left Dan at home since it was his first weekend off in FOR-EV-ER. I headed over to Indy on Friday night and then mom and I went to IKEA on Saturday to get the crib and other furniture for the nursery. We spent the day shopping for the baby and got a ton of stuff. It was a great time! I got home late Saturday night and then headed to church Sunday morning.

Dan and I got to tour the labor and delivery floor with our doula Sunday afternoon. Then we came home and worked some more on the nursery. We got the crib assembled, the bookcase, Dan got the video monitor working and we started unpacking things into the better areas. Very exciting stuff for us!

Dan had fun with the directions from IKEA for the bookshelf:

Dan says "Best instruction manual for a baby I've seen"

We ordered the crib mattress and it is on its way. Now we just need to get the changing table and closet doors painted, hang up some art, order some new lighting and paint a few more things. Then we are READY!

Realized I haven't done one of these in awhile! 32 weeks

How far along: 32 weeks. 2 months to go!

Total weight gain: Didn't get on a scale this week. Maybe next.
Maternity clothes: Got some cute sweaters with mom this weekend. We went to a maternity shop first, but I didn't see anything I liked. Then we went to just a regular consignment shop and I found a TON of sweaters that were perfect. Leggings and sweaters are going to be my uniform as we finish out this pregnancy.
Stretch marks: Nada
Sleep: Only getting up once a night right now with leg cramps/bathroom break. Turned on our heated mattress pad last night and it was glorious! Though I only need it to heat up the bed a little and then I am good. Still running pretty hot.
Best moment of this week: Getting so much stuff done in the nursery with my awesome hubby!
Miss anything: Wearing high heels. Heels at all really. So many pretty shoes I can't bring myself to buy right now (Dan is very thankful).

Movement: He kicked me a few times that actually hurt this week. Love it still though!
Food cravings: Still TGIFridays...haven't gotten there yet. I got to enjoy my favorite Greek restaurant in Indy on Friday night though. Soooo good.
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Felt pretty awful  on Thursday/Friday with heartburn/sour stomach. Not sure why. I actually told Dan it felt a lot like after I use to feel the day after chemo. It sucked, but luckily woke up Saturday morning and felt completely normal again.
Have you started to show yet: More complete strangers commenting on my belly. Even had a bag boy offer to help me with my groceries. Weird, but understandable I guess.
Gender: Boys, boys, boys, we like boys in cars Boys, boys, boys, buy us drinks in bars Boys, boys, boys with hairspray and denim And boys, boys, boys, we love them, we love them
Labor signs: Some more cramping, but we asked the midwives about about it. It is still perfectly normal. They are not worried unless there is a pattern of more than 4 an hour.
Belly button in or out: It seems to be getting bigger? Is that possible? Stretched out kinda?
Wedding rings on or off: Still on. Not as bad this week with my hands being more cold. Now I am waking up slightly swollen though and my poor feet still aren't so hot looking.
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy this week. Good week/weekend overall.
Looking forward to: Next weekend we get to go see Jim Gaffigan! Dan will also be home for the weekend, though he has a random gig on Wednesday this week. But Saturday we have nothing on our calendars! Something we haven't experienced since the 3rd weekend of August.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Look at me! 2 posts in one week!

Can you hear my sigh from over there?

Such a big sigh of relief today. Baby boy (yes, still a boy) is looking great!

First, I have gained 4 pounds since last month. I blame Black Dog where we went for lunch right before. But 4 pounds in a month is completely normal they tell me. I officially have gained 20 pounds so far this pregnancy. Oh well. Still don't feel huge!

That probably is because I am measuring only at 30 weeks! Woo hoo! So my belly was at 30 weeks, though my calendar says I am 31.

Well baby boy during the ultrasound is measuring at 32/33 weeks!!! GAH! This actually makes me super happy. We knew we were going to have a "bigger" baby even though he is only measuring in the 60th percentile. He is also already 4 pounds 7oz! That is crazy to me! My lovely pregnancy newsletter said he was only 3 1/3 pounds this week. Again, me measuring small and him measuring big is totally fine with me. Better than the reverse!!!

He is also head down now too! Which probably explains why my upper belly has been moving a lot more lately. He still likes to be all curled up and gave the ultrasound tech a run for her money finding everything she needed to see.

Let's see, everything else is great too. Blood pressure, protein, glucose levels. Baby boy has a gallbladder, kidneys, all the fun organs you need. 

We are heading out to our birth class now and I am hoping that baby boy just decides to stay for  at least 9 more weeks. 

Here are some pics we got today:

This is his face, kinda squished into my hip. Upper part is his forehead, then you can 
see his left eye and nose. He already has chubby cheeks!

Profile pic with his hands up by his head.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Rustic Camping Shower!

We did!

We made it through another crazy week to get to Saturday for our shower!

And let me tell you about this week....woo boy!

Our beloved cat Bing passed away Wednesday night. We got to be with him when he died, but it was sudden and heartbreaking. We have had him since he was a kitten. He was only 8 when he died of FIP (Feline infectious peritonitis).

He had gorgeous blue eyes

And liked to cuddle with me when I didn't feel good.

And went on nightly walks with us and the dog, laying down in the road if
we started to take too long.

He was a one of a kind cat, and he will be missed.

So that kind of ruined our week, but Friday my parents came over to help us get the yard ready for the shower. Friday Dan also headed up to Chicago to get our new couch!

Old couch, tiny, uncomfortable, hole-y

New couch! Bigger, comfy, pristine!

I may have gone a little pregnant lady about it and insisted we needed a new couch before the shower. Luckily Dan went with it, and humored me. We got a great deal on craigslist and we are both super happy with it!

On Saturday we got everything cleaned and set up for the shower and then my friends Sara and Jackie came over and set everything up. 
It. Was. Gorgeous.

Favors of succulents and plants. 

Tee-pee for presents. We got so many!!!

Food table! We had a fajita bar.

Pumpkin cream cheese cake! Made to look like logs to go
with our "camping" theme.

Beverage Bar

Fantastic centerpiece done by the lovely Sara! (Hi Sara!)

Camp Baby Harts!


The lovely ladies that helped put it all together! Sara and Jackie!

Everything was so pretty when it got dark too!

We had some wii Karaoke for people who were brave!

Used a projector to put it on our neighbors fence

Everyone had  a great time!
Thanks to everyone who came, pictured and not pictured!

Gorgeous night!

Thank you to everyone that came. We had a great time and couldn't have asked for a better group of people to help us welcome our baby into the world!

Sunday Dan and I caught up on some work and finished cleaning up some shower stuff. We enjoyed our day together since this week Dan will be gone on a business trip for 2 days.
Tomorrow we get to see our baby boy again! I have an ultrasound and a midwife appointment that Dan gets to come to! We are excited to hear everything is going well and I have 9 more uneventful weeks to look forward too.

How far along: 31 weeks! Down to a single digit weekly countdown!

Total weight gain: Not sure, will let you know after my appointment tomorrow.
Maternity clothes: Yay cool weather!!! Have really been enjoying wearing clothes that I don't have to worry about sweating through! Though I got hot on Friday at school and really began to feel awful. As soon as I cooled off, back to normal. The cool weather will be a welcome help to finish off this pregnancy.
Stretch marks: Ordering more stretch mark oil this week.
Sleep: Sleeping hard. Had a lot more leg cramps this week which wake me up. After I walk around for a few minutes though they go away. 
Best moment of this week: Fantastic shower with a fantastic group of friends!
Miss anything: Not having swollen feet at the end of the day!

Movement: So much. Maybe I'll video my belly. It's fun to see it sort of dance around as he moves!
Food cravings: TGIFridays. I'll have to talk Dan into going some night.
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Just getting really hot and then feeling awful. My students may have to get used to my A/C being on for the rest of the year.
Have you started to show yet: Feeling pretty pregnant looking. Had really nice lady compliment me on my dress last weekend. She commented about having a belt on really helped show off my cute pregnant belly. Then she froze with a look of horror on her face and said "you are pregnant, right?!". I laughed and said I was, but explained that I told my husband to NEVER assume! She agreed and we had a nice laugh about it.
Gender: I tell ya, life ain't easy for a boy named "Sue". 
Labor signs: A little cramping from some stress, but went away when I relaxed.
Belly button in or out: Sooo shallow. Dan agrees. But still in!
Wedding rings on or off: Still on. Until I can find a replacement ring. Fingers weren't as swollen though. Just my poor feet.
Happy or moody most of the time: This week was not a good week. This we know. This weekend was great. This we also know. It was a week of every single kind of mood.
Looking forward to: Tomorrow we get to see our baby! Next weekend we get to go get our crib! Soon the nursery will be all done! EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

The big 3-0

30 weeks! 30 weeks! 30 weeks!

I get to have a 3 at the beginning of the weekly countdown now!

It's sooo exciting!

From our trip to the pumpkin patch today!
I felt a lot of kindred towards all those big round pumpkins!

This week Dan and I have been figuring out how to get the nursery finished up, get the house ready for the shower, and go through our weekly routine of gym, pre-natal fitness classes and rehearsals.

Needless to say we were a little stressed this week. That however called for a favorite past time of ours....the Friday afternoon nap. When I got home from the chiropractor and Dan got home from work, we both agreed we needed to talk for awhile and catch up. Talking turned to laying down, which turned to passing out for 2 hours. It. Was. Glorious.

We awoke in time to get a late dinner, watch a movie and go to bed at midnight. 

It helped to really energize and reconnect us after a crazy week. 

Saturday Dan had a gig and while loading his car we were hit by a huge storm. I wish now I had taken pictures of the fiasco that was Dan loading all of his gear in his car with 30 mph winds, torrential downpours and lightning. Poor Dan!

Best representation of Dan running in the rain I could find.

I spent Saturday cleaning the house and making some more art for the nursery. By the way, here is another fun pic from the nursery!

Just a little bit to tide you over to the big reveal!

How far along: The big 3-0 (weeks!)

Total weight gain: Stayed the same! Woot! I have been trying to work harder at my prenatal fitness classes. Hopefully it's paying off!
Maternity clothes: One more week of hot weather made for a grumpy Julia. Scraping the bottom of the barrel for clothes, but hopefully now I can get out all my cute fall stuff again.
Sleep: Still passing out. Just getting more uncomfortable with my hips and some lower back pain. I even got dizzy laying on my back this week. That was a new experience! But one I had been warned about. So now I have 2 different options when I sleep. Left side or Right Side. Sigh.
Best moment of this week: Friday night nap/date night with my hubby.

Right before we passed out. Notice the dog also wanting to cuddle.

Miss anything: Being able to walk for long distances without feeling like my feet are going to fall off. Walking all the way out to the pumpkin patch and around for an hour wore me out!
Movement: A ton! Actually some of the movements this week hurt! Just kicking something that may or may not have been my liver. I definitely felt it and it definitely made me say OUCH!
Food cravings: Subway! Also something I am not eating right now, so of course I crave it.
Anything making you queasy or sick: I think I'm eating less. I am starving, but after eating a few bites feel super full. 
Have you started to show yet: Yep! Though I feel I am still cute pregnant and not HUGE pregnant yet. I know its coming though....
Gender: Let's hear it for the BOY!
Labor signs: Some cramping Sunday after walking around a ton. Also was probably dehydrated. Got home and drank a bunch and sat down. Instantly felt better!
Belly button in or out: Had to just check, but it's still in!
Wedding rings on or off: Swollen, swollen, swollen. :( The heat I am sure didn't help this week. But I feel like on top of my fingers, my ankles and my face are super swollen too. 
Happy or moody most of the time: Little stressed, little tired, but super excited for the upcoming week!
Looking forward to: So much! We have our couple "camping themed" shower this weekend at our house. There will be tents, a keg and fajitas! So it's more for Dan than me, but it will still be SUPER AWESOME! My whole family will be in town too which is great. On Monday we have a midwife appointment and an ultrasound. We get to see our baby again! Soooo excited! So maybe even 2 posts next week with all the stuff I will have to tell!