Wednesday, July 9, 2014


It has been awhile...

I could go into all the reasons:

Might just be one

Ok maybe a few

Who doesn't love to see sleeveless hotties holding their baby boy??

So yeah, we had the end of the school year with concerts and graduation ceremonies. Busy wedding season for Dan on top of a road trip to Vermont:
Yes we drove with a 6 month old for 16 hours cross country. But do you know our kid?? 

We lucked out in the kid lotto

He is always laughing and smiling (except between 4 and 5, then he needs a walk and a bottle and be left alone). He is a great kid and we feel very lucky. He sleeps around 10 hours a night, 2 naps a day. Just starting solid food which has been hilarious/terrifying. We couldn't be 

I am getting ready to wrap up my grad school classes for the summer. Hence this post, since I am avoiding finishing my final paper. Blech! Only one more summer of this stuff, and next year it's the thesis. Woo boy! Already nervous about that.
Dan and the Shenanigans  are doing swimmingly. He is super busy with gigs most weekends so my parents have been visiting a lot and little man and I have adventures while Dan is playing rock and roll. 

At the pool!

We are in swim lessons now and he loves the water. He also loves being outside, so I am not exactly sure where he got these loves. I am outdoorsy in the sense that I like to drink my wine outside on our deck. That's about it. And water! Don't even get me started on my phobia of open bodies of water. 

Anyway, this post is talking about changes and I just made a big one. After seven fantastic years at Gifford Grade School I am changing things up and will be the music teacher at Countryside School. It is closer to our house and part time so that I can be home a little more with Amos. The hope is that the position will be full time in a year maybe two after he has grown up a bit more. 

I do feel like I am taking a great big leap from my comfortable and strong program into the unknown. Gifford as a whole has given Dan and I so much. We never knew how great small towns could be until I started to teach there. The community itself is such a great place to teach and I hate to leave it. We will miss Gifford but we are looking forward to a new adventure at Countryside. 

So that is a rundown of our lives currently. We are off to St. Louis next weekend for a little R & R and then to Kentucky for my family reunion. I am really looking forward to Amos meeting all of his great aunts and uncles. 

     Hartman's out!

P.S. No guarantees but might start blogging a bit more while life is quiet for the rest of the summer. After school starts though there is no telling!