Monday, January 20, 2014

Picture Update

I have always loved to take photos. My grandpa gave me his old black and white film camera when I was in high school. I took it everywhere and learned how to process photos and develop film. I was on the paper in high school and continued to love taking photos through college. 
A couple of years ago I wanted a nice digital camera and Dan came through with a super nice one for me. I took some digital photography courses at our local community college and learned everything I could. 
I still enjoyed taking photos, but digital photography wasn't as fun for me at times as film had been. I also had trouble with remembering to bring the camera with me places since it's huge and bulky.

After we brought the kid home we kept taking pictures of him with our phones, which look fine, but aren't that high quality. Dan got out the nice camera and started taking shots. Since there are so many different settings he played around with it a lot and read a few articles online. All of a sudden he was taking fabulous shots! 

I am so happy he is too! I definitely don't have the energy/patience right now to deal with thinking about shutter speeds and apertures. Dan is really good at getting some great shots though. Here are some of our favorites:

We are starting to catch our breath and find our footing. Amos is a great sleeper, nursing is getting easier, and we both feel more capable as parents. It's good to be our new, little family.