Monday, September 24, 2012

Mid-way PET scan

PET scan #2 was today.

It was a crazy day actually.

We had an appraisal scheduled today for our house. We are trying to refinance our mortgage to save some money. So the appraiser was going to show up at 8am and my PET scan was at 10am. Not a big deal really until we got a note on our door Sunday night telling us that our sewer lines were going to be worked on Monday as well.

So no water. All day. Monday.


This made things very interesting. Luckily Dan's mom only lives a mile away from us and she is out of town right now so we were able to use her shower this morning.

I head over to Carle for the PET scan with already a ton of butterflies in my stomach. I have my iPod and took a xanax this morning but worry it wasn't enough to beat the "little tube" that is the scan.

I sit for an hour in a comfy recliner drinking the lovely day-glo contrast liquid again. I also am shot up with radioactive sugar again to help all the cancer cells glow. By the time I need to go in the scan room I am feeling more calm until I see the machine.

That damn machine.

This one is backwards, they actually put me in head first. I think that makes it worse too.

So 30 minutes in this thing. I have my iPod blaring and I just keep my eyes shut so I don't see how close the tube is to my face.

A few times I think I'm going to call it quits, but I go back to focusing on my "This American Life" episode. 

After what seems like forever, its over! It definitely wasn't easier, but at least I got through it.

Now we wait for the results. Easier said than done.

by Dan 

We will find out the results on Wednesday with Dr. Rowland. So really not that long to wait but entirely too long with everything riding on these results.

We are holding our breath.


  1. We are holding our breath with you. It will be good news! <3

  2. Praying for great results, chin up beautiful lady!