Sunday, September 30, 2012

Keepin' Busy

Well it has been a great weekend. 

Chemo hasn't got me down too bad this time. My worst day was actually Wednesday, the day of treatment. I didn't drink enough while getting my drugs and felt a little worse for wear by Wednesday evening.The rest of the week has gone great though. 

I also think that our good news on Wednesday has really helped me be OK with the rest of treatments too. I have such hope now that everything is going to be alright and this is just a minor hiccup in our lives. The hope and the joy we got from the cancer being completely gone has really carried me through this chemo treatment and I feel will carry me through the last 3 as well.

So it was a normal weekend around here. Dan was gone at a gig all day Saturday and today his band is recording some songs to put together a better impression of what the band sounds like for their website. If you ever need a rockin' band for a party or wedding keep The Shenanigans in mind!

The band does wear suits but they are also really good!

So since Dan was gone I did my usual errand running and decorated the house some for Halloween. I am way more excited about holidays this year than I normally am. Not that I usually don't like the holidays or decorating for them. This time around though, each holiday that comes my way is something I can look forward to and have fun with. So I am doing just that.

Spider webs are my favorite

I love my new little owl on the left hand side 

Spider rings and magnets on our yellow door and a wreath
made of plastic snakes and grapevines.

I have also been insisting to Dan that my hair has been growing. He doesn't really see it yet, but I have also been trying a all natural hair growth treatment. It has avocado, honey, coconut and olive oil. It is all I am willing to try right now until my chemo is done, but I am hoping to have enough hair by Christmas to go without a scarf or wig.

We'll see how it goes!

Next weekend we are going on a mini-vacation with some friends to Wisconsin. I am excited to spend some time with Dan and friends doing a bunch of nothing!

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