Saturday, September 1, 2012

I am slowly going crazy....

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 switch!

Anybody else Sharon, Lois and Bram fans out there?

I loved them as a kid and even bought their CDs when I was student teaching and kept losing my voice. I would play the CD for my students and they loved all the goofy songs.

But seriously. I am going a bit crazy. The third chemo has been about as uneventful as the second. Which is sooo awesome! But now that I feel pretty normal physically I am realizing how BORED I am!

I am so used to being busy, busy, busy. I love to stay busy. But this year I am not teaching guitar lessons, working a weekend job, or even going to grad school. With Dan having gigs every weekend this month I don't even have him around to entertain me! :(

So I am trying to find some hobbies. I went to the craft store today and bought a bunch of supplies. I may even start on some homemade Christmas presents! 

My haul today. Can you tell what I am trying to make a new hobby?

My parents are hanging with me this weekend too, so at least I'll have someone to run errands with and keep my craft buying in control.

They will unfortunately have to deal with my steroid powered self which likes to wake up at 3:30 in the morning and clean bathrooms. Also steroids make my emotions go haywire and my ADD almost out of control. So I'll start baking banana bread and then forget that I was supposed to make dinner as well and try to throw that in the oven too. So then our house smells like garlic chicken bananas with a faint hint of cleaning chemicals. Dan is soooo lucky. ;)

I am also thinking (yes, just me, not Dan) that I should become a foster mom for a puppy for the humane society. It could be a lot of fun! Midas wouldn't have to worry about someone taking his place as our top dog. Yet Dan is against the idea. If you agree that this is a great idea you should totally leave a comment! :)

Sorry for all the emoticons and the exclamation points!!!! STEROIDS!!! :D

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