Sunday, September 16, 2012

Still Truckin'

Well the dreaded "red devil" has not got me down!

I have had a great and very productive weekend. Felt pretty much the same as every other chemo. A little crazy while taking my steroids, a little tired when I'm not. Some nausea, but staying on top of the Zofran takes care of that.

Dan was gone all weekend at gigs so my mama came over to hang out with me and make sure I drank my water and ate something.

She may have gone a little overboard with making me drink!

We ran errands on Saturday, made some dinner and Sunday we spent the day painting outdoor furniture.

Ever since I got this great new deck this summer I have been wanting to outfit it with some great furniture. Problem is outdoor furniture is EXPENSIVE! So 6 cans of spray paint later, I have "new" deck furniture!

Check it:






Ahhhhhh! The deck is feeling complete!

So a big thanks to my mama for helping me paint a TON of furniture. I am getting ready to have a late dinner with Dan and then some lesson planning for the week.

By the way, mid-way PET scan is scheduled for September 24 at 10am. Your positive thoughts, prayers and good vibes are welcome any time. I already feel like I am holding my breath.


  1. I love the new green mesh on the chairs. Also, that photo of you RULES :)

    There is a surprise on the way for you!

    Tyler (& Tara too)

  2. GO Julia, GO! You're doing great! As Tyler said, there is a surprise already on the way to you. I hope you like it! We're sending loads of love and happy thoughts.



    ps - send me that boot cuff pattern and I'll get knitting. I can use up some leftover yarn I have, and then when I see you next, we can buy some yarn you like and I'll knit those up, too.

  3. Yup, the deck furniture looks great! You do wonders refurbishing things. Prayers are being sent up for good PET scan results! Love-Barb