Saturday, September 8, 2012


As I get ready to tackle chemo #4 (halfway!) I am more and more aware of any possibility that my chemo could be delayed.

Of course after my first chemo went so horribly we had to delay my second for a week. It actually worked out though since my last chemo was supposed to be on Halloween. I always have a big concert that day at the nursing home in Gifford. Now I won't miss Halloween and my students get to sing at the nursing home in their costumes!

But November 7th is very clearly etched in my mind already as the final chemo date. I will do ANYTHING to keep from changing that date!

The big part I have to keep on top of is staying healthy. My immune system isn't at it's best right now. The chemo wipes out my white blood cells. I am taking my white blood cell booster shot after each chemo. It keeps my white blood cells from bottoming out. Dan is convinced it is what has made me feel better during the past chemos. I am convinced it is the amount of liquids I have been drinking after each chemo. I don't want to experiment to see who is right so let's call us both right!

Unfortunately schools are germ-y. 

My students are doing a great job remembering to sanitize their hands before entering my classroom and covering their mouths when they cough. I have even noticed some students avoiding getting close to me if they don't feel well. 

We started band this week and as I was teaching some students how to make a noise on a flute I realized they were spitting all over me. Sigh.

So I improvised:
No germs on me!

My fifth graders called me a purple ninja. And then the boys proceeded to get in an argument about their being no girl ninjas. I set them straight.

So as of right now I would say we are beating the germ battle. I'll keep taking my vitamins and white blood cell booster shots (did I mention if I didn't have insurance it's a $5,000 shot?! WHAT?!) and wear my lovely ninja outfit as beginning band students start a new year.

Check out my new bulletin board by the way! It's my new favorite!

Each note has a student name on it. The kids did the notes! ;)

The puppy question still stands by the way....I'll try not to take a trip to the humane society this weekend while Dan is away. I will be keeping busy with some hanging out with girlfriends, my new hobby of stitchery, and my new yoga DVD.

Wish me luck!

P.S. I got a new coffee maker! I am the only coffee drinker in the house and Dan was tired of cleaning out a coffee pot each morning.

I'm in love...

P.P.S. I can't tell if it is new growth or just a few strands that haven't said goodbye yet, but I technically still have hair! And eyebrows! Woo Hoo!

Yay Yull Brynner!


  1. I am loving the purple ninja. You already have your Halloween costume idea!!! You are going to love your Keurig. My favorite coffee is the Caribou. Also, the coffees that are described as bold are great for making travel mugs because they have more coffee in them. I hope you enjoy it. Love you, Teresa

  2. Keep kicking ass Julia! We miss you!

    Sending love from Minnesota,

    T & T