Monday, October 14, 2013

Look at me! 2 posts in one week!

Can you hear my sigh from over there?

Such a big sigh of relief today. Baby boy (yes, still a boy) is looking great!

First, I have gained 4 pounds since last month. I blame Black Dog where we went for lunch right before. But 4 pounds in a month is completely normal they tell me. I officially have gained 20 pounds so far this pregnancy. Oh well. Still don't feel huge!

That probably is because I am measuring only at 30 weeks! Woo hoo! So my belly was at 30 weeks, though my calendar says I am 31.

Well baby boy during the ultrasound is measuring at 32/33 weeks!!! GAH! This actually makes me super happy. We knew we were going to have a "bigger" baby even though he is only measuring in the 60th percentile. He is also already 4 pounds 7oz! That is crazy to me! My lovely pregnancy newsletter said he was only 3 1/3 pounds this week. Again, me measuring small and him measuring big is totally fine with me. Better than the reverse!!!

He is also head down now too! Which probably explains why my upper belly has been moving a lot more lately. He still likes to be all curled up and gave the ultrasound tech a run for her money finding everything she needed to see.

Let's see, everything else is great too. Blood pressure, protein, glucose levels. Baby boy has a gallbladder, kidneys, all the fun organs you need. 

We are heading out to our birth class now and I am hoping that baby boy just decides to stay for  at least 9 more weeks. 

Here are some pics we got today:

This is his face, kinda squished into my hip. Upper part is his forehead, then you can 
see his left eye and nose. He already has chubby cheeks!

Profile pic with his hands up by his head.

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