Sunday, August 26, 2012

Chemo positives

There have been a few positives that come from doing chemotherapy:

  • The money I am saving on hair care products is amazing.
  • I also haven't had to shave in 2 weeks. TMI I know, but I'm sure the ladies can appreciate it.
  • I have ridiculously smooth skin as well. No lotion required.
  • I've been paying a lot more attention to what I am eating and drinking. I haven't had any coke since my diagnosis. Since I used to not be able to live without a big gulp of Diet Mt. Dew everyday that's big for me.
  • I can drive with my windows down! No more dangerous amounts of hair flying in my face or into my mouth.
  • It's brought my family closer together. We talk more often and see each other more. That has been nice.
  • I have learned how many people care about me. A lot of people never get to know that. Some people even have fantasies of dying and coming back and seeing what people say at their funeral. I have no desire to know what my obituary will say but I know I am cared about and prayed for and that will always make a person feel good.
  • I have started this blog and realized I enjoy writing. I am still working on improving as a writer, but I enjoy writing about my experiences. So far it has been very therapeutic for me. I also enjoy meeting the people who have stumbled upon my blog. Unfortunately they are usually looking for more info about lymphoma because someone they know or they themselves have it, but I enjoy being a resource whenever I can.

So there are the positives I've found in chemo so far. We go in for treatment number 3 on Wednesday. I am getting my sub plans ready as I write this. I am excited to be almost half way done with chemo. Now I get to start worrying about the mid-way PET scan which will really tell us if the chemo has killed all the cancer.

We are praying for complete or even partial remission so I will not have to go through radiation. Radiation has a bad habit of bringing on new cancers and since the largest tumors are in my chest this could cause breast cancer in a few short years for me. So we want to avoid that at all costs.

Right now, however, we are focused on having a good chemo treatment like last time. We are going to do everything the same: dosage, insane amounts of drinking water and taking all my meds for 3 straight days regardless of how I feel. Hopefully everything will go just as well as before!

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  1. Julia, you continue to amaze me with your positive spirit, and it can make all the difference. Chug that water girl! My entire church will be praying for complete remission for you.