Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hair today, Gone Tomorrow

Here it is. The post we all knew was going to happen sometime during my cancer journey.

The "Shave it off" Post!!!

Tuesday night my hair started to fall out in the shower. I panicked since I didn't have a chance to get my wig yet. Wednesday I pulled my hair in a ponytail and tried not to touch it too much. Thursday Dan and I went on an emergency wig trip to Indy to pick up the wig I had ordered.

Luckily I liked it and it looked like good, almost like my real hair.

By Friday when I got out of the shower, my hair had become a huge dreadlock. I couldn't get my fingers through it or even a comb. It was awful. I put a scarf on my head and headed to work. 

We had already alerted a few of our friends that we were having a head shaving party on Friday night. I made some dips when I got home from work and our friends brought over pizza.

It was a GORGEOUS night so we sat out on the deck and enjoyed ourselves. Then we got to work.

(Our friends T &T took pictures for us and edited them. I love the way they turned out!)

You can make the slideshow full screen if you want. Or skip through the crazy shots of Dan and I kissing! ;-)

It wasn't that hard to do really. My hair had become my enemy and was very annoying. I had my friend Jackie cut off most of it with scissors first since it was completely dreaded in the back. Then Dan took his trimmer and cut it down to an inch. We decided it still looked a little too uneven so he took it down to half an inch. I put my wig on for a bit afterwards just to show everybody what it looked like. I look a little weird (very cancer-y) without my wig, but you can see how the wig looks in one of the shots above in the slideshow.

I wore the wig today at work and it was a little warm. Tomorrow I am going to try a scarf at work and see if I feel more comfortable. I am worried the wig looks like a wig, but I haven't worn it around enough people enough to really decide.

We had a great rest of the night hanging out and playing CATAN!

I think I look a lot more like my sister now, with my short, short hair. :-)


  1. you are gorgeous. Love you DAD...

  2. You will look beautiful to me!!! You even made me feel good about the air loss!!!!!!!! You are so possitive! Keep it up!! Bevie

  3. You're so brave... Honestly, with or without hair, I think you're really beautiful... What a blessing it is to have so many who love you. Take good care! We'll be praying for you, Pumpkin!

    Tawni & Mark Barnes(friends of your parents)