Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Second Chemo Done!

I am officially two chemos closer to be done!

The second chemo went well. Dr. Rowland changed some of the dosing of the drugs they give me. He has really high hopes that everything will be better this time. As we were leaving he actually said that "if this happens again like last time, neither of us are going to make it through this". He is very concerned about me, and that helps to know that my doctor really cares how I am doing.

I now have shots to take at home for the white blood cell count production. Dan is used to giving me shots from the fertility treatments we went through so it won't be a problem. And these don't hurt!

I also got some Ativan to help with nausea and sleeping. This is what another doctor recommended to me when I told him I couldn't fly, so we'll see if it works!

Meme made possible by Dan

I go back tomorrow for teacher's institute but I have till Friday before I really see kids. I am pretty nervous about how all of this is going to go down. I have a letter ready for the parents and I will talk to each class I have on Friday just to let them know. There are also (I think) a few teachers that don't know, so that will make for an interesting faculty meeting.

I think what I am most worried about is upsetting my kids. I don't have kids of my own, but I see each of my students as one of mine. The students love to ask me how many kids I have since I always reply with 200! They think it's hilarious, but that is truly how I feel. 

I just really don't want things to change this year, but after how badly the first chemo went I am worried I won't be able to hide when I feel bad from my kids.

 I also don't want to scare them. I am sure many of them have had family members with some sort of cancer. I don't want them to think that I am going anywhere. I am young, I am strong, and dammit, people like me! ;)

So...thats what is on my mind before my first day back. I have a TON of stuff to do tomorrow since I haven't been back to set up my classroom at all. I also feel bad that I haven't really thought about school much this summer. I am usually just as excited as the kids about going back. I LOVE school! That is why I became a teacher! Duh!

Wish me luck!

I'll post photos of my first day of school outfit later this week. I am going with a scarf for tomorrow and probably my wig for the rest of the week. Luckily it won't be too hot and my room is air-conditioned!


  1. I'm glad it went well today! I hope that everything goes smoothly the next few days and you get a TON of stuff done at school. Holy friggin' cow. Let's do this, Jules.

  2. I'm loving the memes! :o) Good luck this week and keep your Orpheum family in the loop. If you need anything we are all just a phone call away and would drop anything to help you.

  3. Lots of luck tomorrow at school! I think I would be more surprised if everyone at school didn't know!!

  4. You'll do just great tomorrow.Everybody loves you and pulling for you! Hope to see you sometime soon, as my little buddy Gavin is now a big 2nd grader.....don't know how much he will need me this year! now I'm sad!!!! Thoughts and prayers are with you Jules.......love ya bevie