Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Chemo #7- DONE!

We are so close right now I can taste it!

The downer attitude I had last week has slowly faded away. We are no longer concerned about me getting sick from Dan or feeling awful because Rowland upped my Vinblastin dose. 

By Wednesday of this week I was feeling back to normal and felt great over this past weekend.

Dan and I enjoyed our weekend together and did all kinds of fun things. 

When we went in for chemo today I felt like such a veteran of all this. All the nurses and doctors know us and say hi. We know what to bring now to entertain us for the 6+ hours that we are there. And now we get to tell everyone we only have 1 treatment left!

When Rowland saw us today he was pretty happy with my liver counts and could live with my white blood cell count. We took that to mean I was within the normal range for my white blood cells even though I didn't get a booster shot last time. 

Also since Dan didn't get me sick we figured I must have not bottomed out on my white blood cells like I have before.

When we went back to the infusion room though the nurses were in a tizzy. They didn't like my numbers at all and couldn't understand why Rowland wasn't ordering a booster shot for this time or how come I was even getting treatment. 


I really didn't want to put off treatment since that would change my plan to finish on November 7th so we held our breath as they went back and forth with Rowland about the plan.

In the end Rowland won and I got my treatment, again with no booster. The reasoning behind it is that the booster shot would interfere with the chemo treatment so Rowland really doesn't want to use it unless he completely has to.

Which is just fine with us. We don't want to ever step through the infusion suite door again. We know we will have to stop by and see Rowland every 3 months for awhile, but never stepping into the chemotherapy room again would be awesome.

Dan won't miss it either.


  1. hey there, stumbled across your blog in pinterest and I just had to say hi. I am 25 and am 4 months past my last dose of the same abvd every two weeks for the same stage II hodgkin's lymphoma. It was crazy reading your blog, we have and a very similar experience with the chemo and everything...anyway just wanted to say hi and let you know how awesome it was to find someone I had so much in common with (the reason why obviously not awesome). good luck with the last treatment...and in case you were curious I have a full head of very thick, short comes back very soft too (I've gotten used to people touching my hair)

  2. BAM. Knocked it out of the park. One more to go! YOU GOT THIS!

    Sending love and hugs from the icy north (it is snowing here in Minnesota this morning!)