Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Yay Halloween!

Today was crazy/good!

The kids at school are always a little crazy for Halloween. They are so excited about dressing up and candy and their class parties and then our concerts that their little heads seem they will BURST from excitement!

Everyone did so well at the nursing home and bank and the parents seemed to really love the songs.

After school I ran home and baked some snickerdoodles for our friend's Halloween party. We hung out with everyone, ate some good food and took the kid's trick or treating to a few houses around the neighborhood. 

It was really nice.

Did I mention who I went as this year??

Mary Poppins!

I have been showing my student's the movie in class so they would know who I was. It seemed to be a big hit this year.

Only 1 more week till my LAST CHEMO!

Can you tell I'm excited?? I am afraid I may have pushed myself too hard this weekend because Monday at school I was so sick. I had to go home early and just sleep the rest of the day and try not to think about food. Tuesday though I felt a lot better and I got through today without any problems!

I have parent/teacher conferences Thursday night and Friday and then a whole weekend off with DAN!

We do have to rake some leaves, but we are also going to try out a few bakeries around town to see who could do a dessert bar for my birthday party.

That's right! A DESSERT BAR! Have I told you yet about how awesome my 30th birthday/no mo' chemo party is going to be?! We got Laser Tag, Karaoke, food, dessert bar, signature cocktail....The works!

I am very excited about it already even though it isn't till December. It will be a month after my last chemo and the longest I will have gone without doing chemo, so the perfect time to celebrate!

I already picked out my purple outfit for next Wednesday as well as a cool new nail polish. 
Oh yeah!


  1. I was thinking about all my Gifford friends today...kind of miss those crazy party days (okay, maybe not...). Love your costume!

  2. Julia, you make a great Mary Poppins!! Oh how I missed you yesterday. You would have loved all of my Halloween projects-- I made shrunken heads to float in cider, ugly monster finger cookies, a pumpkin tart with a spider web on it, and a FREAKING AWESOME cheeseball head with bloody red pepper jelly and ham as flesh. This is in the early stages, before I had torn flesh hanging off it and eyeballs, too:

    Anyway, it would have been wonderful to do those projects with you. Can't wait until I can help get ready for your birthday/no'mo'chemo party!

    love you!