Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pink, Pink, Everywhere

The email I just received has pushed me over the edge.

Panera just sent me an email about their "Pink Ribbon Bagel".

Aren't there other cancers out there?!?!

I know Hodgkin's Lymphoma is not very common, but I haven't met anyone who hasn't known someone that has had it.

But everywhere I look everyone is promoting pink. If it brings more attention to cancer in general, then great. However, it isn't the only cancer that affects women. 
Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women but it isn't the most deadly.Actually lung cancer is the most deadly cancer to women. Skin cancer is the most common overall. 

Dan agrees.

Maybe breast cancer is so popular  because boobs are cool. Everyone likes them. Half the population has them. September was Hodgkin's Lymphoma month. And yet no NFL players were wearing purple shoes. I didn't get any emails from Panera about their Purple Ribbon Bagel.

Right now, with how I am feeling, I would love for everyone to show their support for Hodgkin's Lymphoma.  If you read my blog (obviously right, since you are reading this) will you wear purple to support Hodgkins? 

How about on my last treatment day, November 7th? I would love to get a photo or a text or an email with you showing off your purple. And if you would let me I will post the pics on my blog and spread the word about Hodgkin's Lymphoma. And maybe next September when this is all over with and worries are far from our minds we can wear purple again and bring more awareness to not just pink, but cancer.


  1. You got it! I'm planning my purple outfit for November 7th already. And in the meantime, we can all start singing the greatest song ever:

    love you!

    PS: Foodie update: made thin mints today... with the wrong kind of mint extract. They taste a little like toothpaste. womp womp womp :/

  2. Actually, this is the version of that song I was trying to find. I like it a bit better: