Monday, June 11, 2012

Finally! Some good news!

Today the doctor called about the PET scan. The actual doctor, not a nurse. 

I immediately thought the worst.  My heart stopped when I picked up the phone.

Dr. Zhang quickly quelled my fears though. He stated that the swollen lymph nodes in my  neck, under my arm and in my chest were cancerous. However, there aren't any concerns of the cancer being on my organs or in any lymph nodes below my diaphragm.

Image found here:

This means in medical terms that I am in Stage 2 of Lymphoma. This is good news!

Stage 1 and 2 from what we have been told and have read are VERY treatable and don't necessarily take an aggressive form of chemo to beat. What we were worried about was that the cancer had gotten into my liver or my spleen which would cause more chemo and surgery to be done.

So all in all, this is the best news we have received since finding out I had cancer. 

The doctor also said he had received a memo from my infertility doctor about the steps we were taking to get embryos frozen before chemo. He was perfectly fine with the game plan as well as waiting to start chemo till we were done with it since I was at Stage 2. Also great news!

We now meet with the ENT surgeon on Thursday to discuss when we can have surgery for the removal of the lymph node in my neck. Hopefully we can fit it in between work and grad school which starts next week, so I don't have to miss anything!

All in all it was a good day.

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