Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Only smart people get cancer

Today I went to see Dr. Brockenbrough, my ENT for a follow up appointment on my neck surgery.

This is Dr. Brockenbrough in action:

                                                   hehe! I have a doctor that sings!

 It seems to be healing really well and I was cleared to start going to the gym again, which is great. I missed working out this past week.

When Dr. Brockenbrough came in he was being shadowed by a general practitioner doctor. He asked for my story about how I first realized something was wrong. I explained I had felt the swollen lymph node on my neck and went in to see my general practitioner who did blood tests and a chest x-ray. Those simple tests led me to my diagnosis and I am very grateful that my doctor was on top of things and didn't put off my symptoms.

Dr. Brockenbrough explained to me as well as the other doctor that Hodgkin's Lymphoma was a very treatable cancer and can almost be cured for most people. He then told me that Hodgkin's patients are smart and successful people. I laughed, but he went on very seriously explaining that it seemed to focus on people who were living life to the fullest and were successful in their professions.

Well.   How bout that?

Here I was venting about how stressed and overwhelmed I was, but really I am just smart and successful! ;)
But seriously, it was quite a nice thing to say, and from the other Lymphoma blogs I have read and the other people I have met who have had Lymphoma it seems pretty true actually. So bonus for me!

I get to give myself my Lupron shot tonight since Dan is at band rehearsal. I am already pumping myself up to do it. We go tomorrow to learn how to do the multiple drugs Dan has to start giving me on Friday. I guess we will have bigger needles and more syringes. Fun!

Only 12 more days left of grad school!

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  1. You are smart and successful and wonderful! Crappy way to get repaid for it, though. :) Don't worry about the Bravelle/Menopur shots...the needle is TINY, no joke. Smaller than the Lupron (I'm pretty sure. I wasn't on Lupron). And you mix the meds together so it's only one shot. Hooray for little victories! :)