Monday, June 25, 2012

Right now

Right now I have to say I am feeling a little overwhelmed.

Right now my thoughts bounce around in my brain from one thought to another.

My brain right now:
                                                     Again I show off my mad MS Paint skilz
                                                        (side profiles are hard to draw!)

Grad school is hard guys! It's what I thought college was going to be like, but then college was a lot like high school without adult supervision. I probably would do better at grad school if I had done it first instead of undergrad.

So that is what is on my brain right now. It's nice to vent to the interwebz, even if it can't talk back.

Back to homework!


  1. So does grad school/IVF/cancer make you a creepy, maroon-mohawked cyclops? Because that's what I'm getting from this picture. :) Let me know if you need any help with school stuff, or if you want to do lunch sometime this week. After today you only have TEN more days of class! And after tomorrow you'll be in single digits! Woot! Keep going strong, cyclops-woman!

  2. You crack me up Kate! Remember, I have online classes too so I go till July 13th. Then I'm done. We need to go swimming, you and the babes up for it next week?

  3. YES! We can go when it's not quite so hot...