Sunday, June 17, 2012

More needles! Oh fun!

Yesterday we went to see the fertility Dr.'s nurse (cousin's brother's sister) to get a run down on the injectables I will need to start taking. I brought Dan with me since I knew I wouldn't want to give myself shots to begin with, but maybe I could handle it down the road.

The first shot I am starting with is a drug called Lupron. We were able to get the drug with syringes and the little medicine vial all sent to our house. It even came with a little needle trash can (complete with rockin' biohazard sticker-only relevant if you were in to early 90's punk rock)! I can't believe they can just send this stuff to you.  This is very medical-like-stuff and to us, who have no medical training whatsoever, its just sharp stuff and drugs! All the stuff you aren't supposed to mess with and here it is in a box by my front door.

So the nurse is very nice and patient with us giving us the run down of the shots I will be taking. By the beginning of July, I will need 3 shots a day of fertility drugs so we can go through the IVF surgery the next week. That's A LOT of needles. I know though that women go through this all the time. IVF procedures seem to have become more and more popular over the past decade. We even have friends who have gone through the process. 

So on Saturday night Dan gets the first needle ready.  I told him to get it ready before he came over to me so I wouldn't have to sit and look at it for long. He brought everything over to me, however, and filled up the needle right in front of me. Le sigh. I showed him where I thought he should inject me and turned away waiting for him to say "go" or "1,2,3" or "you are going to feel a little prick". 

HE. SAID. NOTHING. I was completely unprepared!!!

I proceeded to yelp out of surprise and Dan just sits there with a "What?!" look on his face.


So tonight we decided on the 1,2,3 approach and it went a lot better. Silly boy.

Tomorrow is my first day of grad school and Tuesday is my surgery. Thursday we meet with the oncologist again so busy week ahead!


  1. If you have time, post a photo of the needle-trashcan!

  2. Dude...I am there. I worked myself up so much to give myself the first shot that once I jabbed myself I just left it in! Corey said, " can probably take it out now." I did and then I burst into tears! It gets easier, little by little. Who knows? Once you get to your Bravelle/Menopur maybe you'll be able to do it yourself! You can do it! Be brave. :)