Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Day in the Life

So originally I started this blog (without any actual posts) for a kind of home improvement, style, life blog. That is why it is called "Little Blue House on the Prairie". When we found out I had cancer, and also a whhhooolllee bunch of people that wanted to know what was going on, it just made sense to use the URL that I had already made.

I like that the blog isn't titled as anything "Cancer-y". I want to be able to use this blog after I am all done with the Big C and need to update friends and family of milestones: first sonogram, second house, third pet...blah blah blah.  (editor's note(Dan):  we aren't getting any more pets)

So as a nice break from all this cancer talk, here is a day in my life. I picked a weekend day since my weekdays consist exclusively of grad school and Dr. appointments.  So I thought at least today would be more fun to talk about and it is a good representation of what happens normally. Even B.C. (before cancer) my Saturday would have looked like this.

I get up about 5:30am to let the dog out and curse quietly to myself that I should trim his nails so I don't hear him walking around our room every morning. I go back to bed and wake up at 8:30. Ahhhhh. That's better! I need to bake some cakes today for my friend's mom's birthday, so here is what my kitchen looks like by 9:30:

I baked two different cakes. A chocolate one with chocolate frosting and then my famous Strawberry Shortcake Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting. It is always a hit.

So I had to bake cakes early this morning since I had to work at my weekend job during the day. I work at a children's museum in Champaign called the Orpheum Children's Science Museum. I have worked there since January mostly every weekend. I really like the job. It is low stress and I can do my homework or work on school stuff while I am at the front desk.

Everyday we have to feed all the lovely animals we have at the museum. They are all pretty cool (except the Madagascar hissing cockroaches, they are NOT cool) and I love to feed them since they get sooo excited. Here is a pic of my friend Moe the turtle and another buddy Big Pete the Bearded Dragon.

Moe thinks I have more worms

Big Pete is a very lazy bearded dragon.

A view from the balcony at the Orpheum. That is a water table the kids are at.

After work I head to my friend's mom's house for the party. I unload my cakes, take the obligatory pretty shots before they all get eaten: 

That is my famous Strawberry Short Cake Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

And have a great time! It was nice to hang out with some good friends and just chill. Dan is out of town on a gig which is another normal Saturday thing, so it was nice to still hang out with people.

Checked on my vegetable garden when I got home. This is our first year for a garden and we both are very surprised we have anything bearing fruit at all. We aren't very outdoorsy or green thumbs but we have a nice big pepper almost ready to go! 
Come on pepper!

I came home and spent then the next hour and half googling too many things about cancer and wigs. That unfortunately has become a staple in my weekends since diagnosis.  I thought it was kinda funny at one point seeing all the windows I had open:

Reading more about the stage my cancer is in, working on grad school stuff, 
facebook, and checking out wigs. A fun Saturday night!

I also had to give myself one of my fertility shots. Did I mention the new ones BURN! Geez! The needle is smaller and I don't feel it, but I can feel the medicine going in!

And here we are again, back to talking about the Big C. Can't really get away from it for too long, but there it is.

Another great meme done by Dan

Just a head's up to everybody. We are meeting with another onocologist on Monday just to hear a different perspective on all this stuff, and man it's a lot of stuff! It probably won't change anything, and I am not hoping it will, but he came highly reccommend and I would feel remiss if I didn't at least go talk to him.

Tuesday we go in for a sonogram to make sure we are still on track for the IVF surgery on the 9th. Here's hoping!

P.S. On the way home I spotted the most gorgeous color car I have ever seen. It was on the Honda lot and I was tempted when buying a new car 2 years ago to get a Fit. If they had had this color when I was looking there is no question I would have gotten it!


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