Friday, July 6, 2012

So much to do!

An apology for leaving everyone hanging. Grad school has gotten super busy with tons of stuff due this week, so I have been focused on that. Here is what is going on with us...

We met the other oncologist who was recommended to us to get a second opinion on everything that is going on. He was very nice and had a great amount of info for us.
In the end we decided to go with him because he does not think I will need radiation after the chemotherapy is over. He also wants to push up all my appointments and get chemo started as soon as possible. Everything else will remain the same though. I will still have four months of chemo which will tentatively start July 25th. We are still waiting for a concrete date.

The appointment with the fertility doctor went well too. The sonogram and blood tests showed I was still on track for a procedure to happen on July 9th in Indy. I am still taking my shots and go back today for another sono and blood test to make sure everything is on track. They are very precise with everything since this is a very time specific procedure.

We also met with one of the chemo nurses who gave us a run down on what to expect and when to expect. We got a lot of info:

A whole bunch of papers about chemo

Here is the order of things to come.  On the 9th we should be in Indy having the IVF procedure done if nothing unforetold happens. On the 11th I have my bone marrow biopsy. On the 13th we have my lung function test to get a baseline for my lungs in case the chemo starts to hurt them. The 13th is my last day of grad school as well (woo hoo!)!On the 14th we have a garage sale (double woo hoo!)!

We will have an Echocardiogram on the 23rd and I have my port installed on the 25th.
And thats July!

Right now I have my head down and blinders on just making it through the last round of tests before IVF and last rounds of papers before grad school is over.

So close!

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