Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Finished Deck and My Week Off

The boys finally finished the deck last night, but I really couldn't complain. It's been a 100 degrees every day with random thunderstorms, the deck is HUGE (15 x 25) and they did it all for free. Go guys! I am so thankful again for all the great friends we have and how a little thing (big thing?) like a deck has just made my summer!

Here is the finished deck:

It's huge!

Pergola is perfect for the hammock!

We have picked out some more furniture, but that can wait till next year.

I can say I'm almost done with grad school. I know, I know. I have one more course that is all online and super easy so I have been putting off the work since the due dates were kind of loose. I need to get to it though so I am ALL DONE, finally!

I have received one grade so far, a B. Grrrrr! I couldn't believe it. It was a tough class though. My curriculum writing class. So at least I don't have the pressure anymore of having straight A's through my whole grad school career (Yay?). I have gotten my first B out of the way and can continue to get A's! Here's hoping!

I got to take the cat and dog to the vet last week. Here is the adorable picture so you can see how excited my dog gets about car rides:

Sooooo happy!

This week I am teaching a science camp with the Orpheum museum. It has been a lot of fun teaching about virtual environments and building aqueducts and avatars. My inner nerd is really showing!

Here is my classroom:

It's been awhile since I have been in a science classroom!

It is kind of exhausting to teach a full day of science to kids. Or at least I tell myself that when I pass out on the couch as soon as I get home. I don't know that much about the subjects I am teaching. I only learned about them the night before when I read the curriculum. It's fast paced though, and so far I don't think I have messed up too bad, so we'll see how the week ends. 

This weekend I am going to Indy to look at wigs.

Yep. Going to lose my hair soon. Sucks.

I already cut 10 inches off. Now it looks like this:

Who has short hair? I have short hair!

So I am going to look at some fabulous wigs and see if any would suit me. Hopefully I can find something that will make me look like me. That way I can look the same to my students or even in public.

Next week is go time. We have the echo-cardiogram on Monday morning and then the port placement surgery at noon that same day.

Wednesday we start chemo.

So Tuesday we are going to go buy a new TV! :)[editor's note...hopefully]

Gotta watch the olympics on something other than this:

Ok, ok, it's not that bad, but it's close!

Sunday I am back from Indy so we are thinking about getting pedicures (ok just me, not Dan) and going to see Batman at the drive in with friends. It will be a nice way to end the week before craziness ensues.

Batman Rises is calling my name....


  1. Your deck is amazing looking! Julia I have been following your blog and you doing amazing with everything that is going on. I have another friend that was just diagnosed with a rare cancer but they thought it was lymphoma because she had that when she was 17. I bring that up because she was able to have a baby after her chemo so don't give up hope. You are both so strong right now taking it all in stride. Keep up the humor and I really enjoy reading your blog

  2. Your short hair cut looks very cute on you! I'm so glad you can relax on your beautiful deck:)