Saturday, July 21, 2012

Wiggy wiggy wig

So this weekend I went to Indy to look at wigs. My mom had done a lot of research and found a couple of wig shops that she liked and wanted me to check out. 

Buying a wig is a little awkward.

Or maybe it's just awkward for me. I didn't know what to say. I didn't know what questions to ask. I didn't know how you "try on" a wig when you still had your hair.

The first shop we went to was tiny! It also was full of wigs.

It was run by two really nice ladies who had both gone through cancer before. They had a TON of synthetic wigs to try on. They talked to me about the real hair wigs, which is what I originally wanted to get, but said they weren't the way to go. They had to be styled, washed, and were very expensive. So I tried on a lot of synthetic wigs.

They weren't that bad.

Here are some options that I tried on:

Don't laugh! I have always wanted to have blue hair!

Longer style

My Snow White pose

This is my "mom" wig. If you know my mom you would understand.
She said she might just buy it and keep it at her house so we 
can match whenever I come over.

I liked this one the best, but was a little tired of mom taking
my picture by this point!

Next we went to the complete opposite side of wig shopping. To a more high tech medical facility that did hair restoration and laser therapy. 

Here they talked down about synthetic wigs, asking why I would every want to wear fake hair, when I could have real hair. 
It would look more like me, it would fit fantastically, (I could wear it in the shower!) and it was 1500 dollars. $$!!!
                                                                            High tech offices for a high tech place!

Holy cow! The synthetic wigs run around 300 dollars to give you a clue of price. 

So yeah, a real human hair wig that was completely custom to me would be great, but it only lasts around 8 months and costs 1500 dollars, I think I 'll go with synthetic instead.

I'll pick out a really nice one, maybe 2!

I am coming back to Indy the first weekend in August to go to 2 more wig shops and talk to a few more people. 

I also wanted to talk to some people who have gone through chemo and wore wigs. I want to hear some people's perspective that aren't trying to sell me something. So hopefully I can gain some more info in 2 weekends and pick out something that I will really like.

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  1. I like the one you like, followed by the second one (that looks the most like your current hair, if you're going for low-key). The blue might be a little much for your kindergartners to handle. :)

    Good luck with your procedures today. Thinking about you!