Saturday, July 28, 2012

Things I wish I could eat right now...

-Fried Chicken
-Egg Salad
-Chocolate cupcake

-Anything solid

-Anything that isn't ice.

Cause that is all I have had today! Just ice cubes. Even ice water hurts right now. 

By Dan, who is really getting good at figuring out what I am 
trying to say while moving my mouth as little as possible. 

I got down some soup last night, but that has been it. Of course no one is in the Dr.'s office except the patient advisory nurse and she says I should just go to convenient care. 

No thank you! 

I would rather hold out for Monday and hopefully talk to my oncologist since he is kind of in charge of me right now.

Dan went and got me some Biotene mouthwash, and that has helped some. I am going to take two (!!) hydrocodones when I get home from the museum and hopefully they will help me be capable of eating something for dinner.

Too bad I have absolutely no nausea, but can't eat a darn thing! I really miss food! 

This could help me from getting fat and bald though! 

Good news, looks like my hair is still growing, though my scalp has been a little tingly. Checking out two other wig shops later this week and picking something out. Even if I only wear it in public, or on the weekends, I would like the option of having hair at some point.

Right now think soothing thoughts in the direction of my mouth. I am really hoping I don't have to go through this after each treatment. Or at least it will all heal up before the next treatment starts.

At least we know the chemo is working!

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  1. I am so sorry that you are hurting so badly! Suggestion--you know what isn't solid?? Sweetened condensed milk! Just sayin. Love you!!