Sunday, July 8, 2012

Well crap.

IVF procedure is canceled.


We didn't even realize this was a possibility.

We figured with all the drugs we were shooting me up with that it was a sure thing. There was no way my body wouldn't respond as it should.

My body betrayed me.

I am surprisingly upset. I never saw this coming and had very high hopes for the IVF. I was so excited about how quickly we were going to be able to get pregnant after all the chemo was over. Now we have nothing to show for the 500 dollars worth of injections that we had to purchase.  We have nothing to show after shooting me up for the past month. We have nothing to show for the dozens of sonos and blood tests we went through to see how things were shaping up.

This sucks.

There is no time to do another round of hormones before my chemo starts on July 25th.
Have I mentioned we now have a set date for chemo? July 25 is now my C-day. The port surgery has been moved up to the 23rd to allow time to recover before chemo starts.

On the bright side I don't have to recover from IVF during my bone marrow biopsy. Bonus?

I am also done with one of my grad school classes, only 2 to go. I have some more big projects due this week for those classes. Bone marrow biopsy is Wednesday morning and lung function test is Friday. That is what we have coming up next.

I am going to enjoy my day off today with Dan. He has been gone at gigs all weekend. Summer is his busy season. So we will do lots of fun stuff: Einstein bagel trip, new sofa shopping, and a drive-in movie.

One day at a time. There is always tomorrow. The night is always darkest before the dawn. Don't worry be happy.

I'll keep saying all of these positive statements to myself until I start believing them.


  1. I'm so sorry. I can only imagine how disappointed you must be... If you don't mind me asking, why did they feel the need to cancel the cycle? (I assume it's the "harvest" they aren't going to do now, right?) I hope you managed to enjoy your Sunday a little. :) My sister just had her first round of ABVD chemo last week. I'll definitely be thinking of you on the 25th.

  2. Hi Jessica,
    It was the harvest they canceled. They didn't feel they could push more hormones on me enough to get any viable eggs. They said next time, if I choose to do IVF, they will start me on a higher dose from the beginning. We could of had the surgery and just crossed our fingers that there would be one or two eggs that would be ready, but the plan was to get 8-10 and for just one or two we felt the whole procedure wasn't worth it.
    Thinking about your sister as well!