Monday, November 12, 2012

Sick, Sick, Sick

Well I missed my first day of school since starting this whole cancer journey.

I am bummed!

I was always so happy to tell my oncologist that I wasn't missing work and that the only days I missed were treatment days.

A lot of people take time off work during chemo, because of energy levels and all the germs you have to worry about. I would lose my mind though if I had to stay home all the time. And I really haven't felt that bad! The chemo I am going through is not too hardcore and we knew I only had to do it for 4 months.

Well now I am done actually! :)

Problem is a sinus infection took me down. I started feeling poorly last week during my last chemo. Luckily everything was still a go and we got to finish, which felt soooo good! 

When I got back to school on Thursday I had more surprises waiting for me. The staff and students of my school wore purple for me and made me a big banner.

Yay purple!

All the kids signed my banner outside my room.
Sorry about the name. I figured maybe a few people don't know my last name yet!

One of the teachers made me this!

So it was a great Thursday and I continued to wear the purple as well!

Our weekend was good though we kept it pretty low key since I was starting to feel more and more sick. Sunday we went to our friend's one year old birthday party, which was a first for Dan and I. It was an experience but we had fun. I ended the party curled up with one of my favorite kids. 


By the time we got home though I was coughing non-stop. I took a whole bunch of meds and hoped I would feel better in the morning. Not the case, but luckily my school found me a sub. 

I spent the day in bed after calling my oncologist and asking for some drugs. Bonus if you have cancer! No more convenient care and waiting in line hoping for antibiotics. I called the doctor and 2 hours later had a prescription for a z-pack waiting for me at Walgreens. Sweet! Mucinex-D has also been my best friend and I got some vick's vapor rub in case I was really feeling old school tonight.

My plan is to conquer school again tomorrow. I have a very short time left before our Christmas concerts and I am already starting to feel behind in preparation.

P.S. I got my new LUSH shampoo bar today that is supposed to help with hair growth. I am excited!

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