Sunday, November 25, 2012

The calm before the storm...

This weekend has been great.

The time off from school has helped me catch up on my sleep (10-12 hours a day, oh yeah).

I feel like I have finally recovered from my sinus infection and now I am hoping not to get sick again anytime soon.

Thanksgiving was great. Great food that I was able to enjoy. The mashed potatoes I was in charge of turned out great and so did the pie.

Sweet, sweet cherry pie

We enjoyed hanging out with my family and Dan's mom. We watched old home movies and laughed at our awkward childhood years.

It was my Dad's 60th birthday on Friday and we had fun celebrating with him. He had presents to open first.

 Then he got to open his special present. My sister and I had sent out a letter to our friends and family asking for their memories of our Daddy. We got a ton of responses. Enough for the 60 envelopes we had planned to fill with the memories.

 What I wasn't expecting was how tickled Daddy would be by all the memories people had sent in. We laughed and cried at all the memories about Daddy. 

We heard all about how he was going to be a preacher when he was little, and about all the hilarious fraternity stories from his college years. We even got some pictures from family and friends that none of us had seen before.

 Daddy opened every single one and we got to hear all the stories behind the memories. 

It was great and I am so glad we did it. I learned a lot about my Dad this weekend and will never forget all his great stories! Thank you to everyone who reads this blog and sent us memories. It was greatly appreciated!

Dan had a gig Saturday and then we spent Sunday getting some stuff for my BIRF-DAY! 

This week is the last calm time we have for awhile. Next week we have to get ready for the party, clean the house, set up for my school concerts, have 2 concerts at my school and then celebrate my big 3-0! 

So we will enjoy this calm before the storm and enjoy our week off.

But I am getting very excited about celebrating with our friends on my BIRF-DAY! :)

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