Sunday, July 21, 2013

This week

This week is going to be awesome!

Monday morning Dan and I get to take a visit to see our favorite oncologist, Dr. Rowland!

I will have blood work done and a physical examination. There is no doubt in my mind that he will give me a continued clean bill of health. And maybe we'll get to surprise him with my pregnancy!

Maybe not though considering his wife was my fertility doctor. :)

Did I mention that to you all?? We went for an appointment with Rowland in March and the nurse who checked us in made a joke that the only 2 doctors I had on my chart were married to each other! You could have blown Dan and I over with a feather!

What I am thankful for is that both Rowland and his wife are cancer survivors. We have always felt so understood and welcome by them both. I really love my doctors.

So it will be great to see Rowland and hopefully look obviously pregnant. I swear this weekend I shrunk! I don't feel as big! I am almost 5 months pregnant, I really didn't think I could hide it anymore at this point. 

But maybe not. What do you guys think?

I did not do my hair today so you can a neck down shot! Also excuse my painting shirt.

Also this week I get to go to pre-natal aquatic aerobics 2x, and then Friday is our day of appointments. Ultrasound first thing, then meeting with the high risk OB (due to my chemo), and then the midwives in the afternoon. Dan is taking the day off to go to all of the appointments with me and then we'll have some close friends over that night to announce the sex. 

We'll make the rounds that weekend with friends and family and then announce it on the blog Sunday night! So stay tuned!

And for those wondering I am ALL DONE with my grad school courses, I am just waiting for one more grade. For those keeping track, I am now officially half way through with grad school! Yippee!

This weekend was soooo productive! I am so thankful for my mom and all the time and energy she gave this weekend to help me get the house in better shape. We had to change our original game plan to get the nursery ready and instead tackled all the closets in the house.

5 closets, 3 bags of clothes to Goodwill (garbage bags) and 4 bags of trash later, I have organized closets!

The baby's closet is completely empty and ready for a closet organizer, my closet now has an organizer and is gorgeous! The coat closet, linen closet and Dan's closet all are clean and organized as well.

It make me ridiculously happy. Probably too happy, but I love being organized! So thanks Mom for all your help and thanks Dad for lending me Mom for the weekend!

Mom and I also went to a few maternity stores and I finally bought some more maternity clothes. Hopefully I'll have something to wear now, though I am really feeling this cartoon:

This weekend Dan will be home and I hope we can really get started on the nursery, or at least clean the room out completely so it is ready to go for paint. I am waiting to pick the final nursery colors and theme for when we know the sex. I am almost more excited about starting the nursery then knowing the sex! Almost.

Question time!

How far along: 19 weeks! Almost half way! Baby is the size of a Mango.
Total weight gain: I have refused to get on the scale this week. I'll let you know next Sunday.
Maternity clothes: Bought some! Still sticking with elastic waistbands for a little longer, though I do hope I look more pregnant soon!!
Stretch marks: Swore I found one, but Mom and Dan insist it wasn't. I am bathing in bio-oil.
Sleep: The body pillow has become my best friend. The aqua aerobics are hurting my lower back some so the pillow really helps me relax when I sleep.
Best moment of this week: Getting so much done over the weekend with Mom!
Miss anything: Soft cheese. That's all!
Movement: Nothing really this week. :(  I really hope that they tell us at the ultrasound that the placenta has moved more posterior than anterior.
Food cravings: Chinese! I made Mom go to the Chinese restaurant twice this weekend (sorry Mom)!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not necessarily queasy, but if I stand up too fast I get the nice tunnel vision, whooshing in my ears feeling. So now I have to make sure I stand up slowly.
Have you started to show yet: I think I shrunk! :(
Gender: Soooooo close! 
Labor signs: No Braxton Hicks this week.
Belly button in or out: In
Wedding rings on or off: Staying on! Unlike Dan's!
Happy or moody most of the time: Doing well, just getting anxious for the ultrasound Friday. Besides the sex we are going to find out if anything seems off or not developing correctly. I hope above all else that our baby is healthy.
Looking forward to: Next weekend Dan is home! Plus we will be able to start the nursery. And do I even need to say it...? ULTRASOUND!!!! :D

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