Sunday, July 14, 2013

What will it be?

So we are getting so close to being able to say "It's a girl!" or "It's a boy". I am beyond impatient about it too. I decided this week since I am almost done with grad school and didn't have much homework (yahoo!) that I would try out all the old wives tales about gender. 

There are a ton! But I picked the easier ones or the ones I at least knew to try out. The results:

Placenta theory----girl
Skull shape theory----girl
Chinese calendar----girl
Cravings---- boy/girl (craving steak and fruit!)
Baking soda test----girl
Stealing mom's "beauty"---- boy (I don't feel my skin is freaking out or I look like crap)
More moody----girl
Dreaming of boy-----girl (Who knew?! You dream of one gender, get the other)
No morning sickness----boy (Mom didn't have morning sickness either though and had 2 girls)

So.... if you are keeping track that's 5 for a boy and 6 for girl. 
So yeah. Not a lot of help there.

Bump picture!

Weird angle and kind of a bad picture. I'll do a better one next time!


How far along: 18 weeks, yay!
Total weight gain: guys. I gained 3 pounds! In a week! Obviously the stress of grad school was getting to me and I ate my weight in carbs and sugar. Backing it down next week.
Maternity clothes: Regular clothes are no longer fitting. The elastic waistband skirts are still awesome but now I have to decide to wear the clothes above or below the bump. 
Stretch marks: No, but started freaking out at how big I was getting so started using bio-oil. Hoping it works!
Sleep: Really want to sleep on my back even though I am a side sleeper. That is kind of a no-no as I get bigger but I am winging it for a bit longer.
Best moment of this week: Finishing one class for grad school! Only 2 more to go!
Miss anything: Dan! :( He has been super busy with gigs, which is awesome. I am also home more so I notice his absence I think more often.
Movement: I think...I really do. When I was being super lazy on Saturday and laying on the couch I kept feeling something. Then it would stop and then start again. Not sure....
Food cravings: Fruit! Had a huge bowl of strawberries for breakfast this morning.
Anything making you queasy or sick: You know what stinks? Wanting to sit outside in the summer time and eat at a restaurant and everyone around you is smoking. Bleh! How can people smoke and eat!? It makes Dan mad cause he doesn't want me breathing it in and it always just makes me nauseous.
Have you started to show yet: Definitely. I am kinda waiting though for some stranger to ask when I am due though. Then I will know I really look pregnant.
Gender: Gahhh!
Labor signs: I think I felt some Braxton Hicks this weekend? Not sure. My belly would feel really hard and then a couple of minutes later it would go away. Calling midwife on Monday to discuss.
Belly button in or out: In
Wedding rings on or off: Back to normal!
Happy or moody most of the time: Much better this week, though maybe a little sad/worried at times. I will definitely feel better after the anatomy scan. Have I mentioned that is in 12 days?!?!
Looking forward to: Getting ready to go to the drive-in with Dan in about 10 minutes. Also mi madre is coming over next weekend to help start nursery preparations!! YAY!

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  1. YAY for seeing Julia's pregnant belly! <3 <3