Sunday, September 22, 2013

3rd trimester

I know!
Can you believe it?
We are in the home stretch.

And I just had a mini panic attack considering our nursery is gorgeous but empty at the moment, we have a lot of clothes but not a single diaper and I still haven't found a maternity sub for school.


Ok. On to the good things. I had a gorgeous shower this weekend thrown by my gorgeous sister. It was held at a winery (trust the irony wasn't lost on me) and it was a gorgeous day! It was a nice small shower for family friends and family. 

Guests got to guess when Baby Harts will come and make a wish for him as well!

Gorgeous food table

Favors for the sweet baby boy!

The delicious cake from Kim's Bakery in Indy (highly recommended!)

My beautiful sis and mom

Family shot!

Chowing down!

My sister made everything and it tasted great!

So that was my Saturday! I came home from Indy and passed out only to get up early for church today. A nap may be in order today! Dan had a wedding gig last night and has another this weekend as well. 

On Friday I went in for my 28 week midwife appointment. I passed my glucose test with flying colors! No gestational diabetes for me! :) 

I also found out that I haven't quite lost my mind. I haven't grown that much. At my 24 week appointment I was measured at 25 weeks when they measured my belly. At the appointment on Friday I only measured at 27 weeks even though I am at 28. So! Not a lot of belly growth. The midwives weren't concerned at all though. I have to be measuring more than 2 weeks ahead or 2 weeks behind for them to schedule a growth sono. I have a sono scheduled for 32 weeks anyway do to the chemo/infertility treatments. So we'll get to have a better idea about how big this kid will be.

Could I really have some petite child?! I highly doubt it considering Dan is 6'3" and I am 5'9". But hey! If I don't have a 10 pound baby I will be very happy! 

I however found out that the week I lost 2 pounds was definitely a fluke. So the midwives mentioned if I didn't want a 10 pound baby I may need to back off the candy corn a bit. :( 
Oh well.

Question time!

How far along: 28 weeks! 3rd trimester!!!!

Total weight gain: Ok....I gained 5 pounds since my appointment a month ago. So all total I have gained 15 pounds. Since my goal was only to gain 15 I am super bummed. But candy corn has hit the shelves and has been calling my name. I am continuing with my working out 3 times a week plus we add in birthing classes in October so maybe that will help quell my insistent desire for sugary confections.
Maternity clothes: It's fall! It feels like fall! I have been enjoying pants and boots and sweaters. My favorite time of year to plan outfits!
Stretch marks: None! This stretch mark oil has become my best friend! 
Sleep: It's going ok. Some more charlie horses and I wake up every time I roll over now. So maybe not the most restful sleep, but I am still sleeping! And possibly beginning to nap more....
Best moment of this week: My beautiful baby shower! Shout out to my little sis! I love you and you throw a great party!
Miss anything: Non-maternity shirts. Looking through my closet it is becoming more and more evident that anything that isn't maternity no longer goes over my belly. There are still a few non-maternity items that I wear, but they are getting fewer and fewer.
Movement: Tons! I also feel him during the day more now as well. I will be teaching and all of a sudden feel him kick or push me. It makes me smile. He especially loves to dance around during yoga class.
Food cravings: Candy Corn!!!
Anything making you queasy or sick: A little nauseous this week while drinking the orange glucose drink for my test, but it faded after a few hours.
Have you started to show yet: Ummmmm yeah.
Gender: Snips and snails and puppy dog tails.
Labor signs: Feeling good. No tightening and here's hoping Baby Harts plans to stay in there for a good long while.
Belly button in or out: Still in! Yay!
Wedding rings on or off: Actually a lot better this week! Both my rings can come off and I haven't felt as swollen in my fingers. My ankles however, are a different story!
Excuse random swollen ankle shot, but this was at my appointment when all of a sudden I looked
down and no longer had ankles. I sent this pic to Dan and he replied with "look at those toes!"

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy! Though Dan notices pretty quickly if I haven't eaten lately. I skip being "hangry" all together and go straight to despondent. Then Dan reminds me to eat something and life is okay again.
Looking forward to: Getting some more art made for the nursery this week. I'll post some pics of some stuff when I get done with it.

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  1. Julia, you look positively radiant in those photos! I am so bummed that I'm missing your showers. This one looks so gorgeous, and that food-- yum! Uh, too bad you could drink any wine though(!) Anyway, I miss you and I can't wait to see you and your beautiful belly!