Monday, September 30, 2013


Almost 30 weeks!

It sounds so far along! So close to the end. I just can't believe I only have 10ish weeks to go. 

Baby is the size of a butternut squash which sounds very appropriate this time of year!

This week was your basic week for us. I wasn't home every night this week. Dan worked late. We didn't see each other much and then he had a gig Saturday. We were able to hang out some on Sunday and watch some football. We are actually a part of a fantasy football league this year. I know! My husband that knows nothing about football and me that knows about as much as a person who has never played the sport can know. But right now I am in first place! ;)

Mom was able to come over this weekend and we went to the big One Week Boutique event. It's a huge consignment sale for kid, baby, and maternity stuff. I got a few deals on some basic registry stuff and some fall maternity clothes. Mostly dresses and things without waistbands. I even a got a poncho. More to use as a winter coat this year but yeah. It's fringy and fabulous!

We also started getting the yard ready for the big shower that we are having at our house in 2 weeks. We decided that even though some friends are throwing it for me that it should be at our house with our fabulous deck. You remember that don't you? 

So we are having an outside "camping" themed baby shower in our backyard. Mom and I planted some new flowers and Dan edged out our flower beds so they look a lot nicer now. I am already excited/nervous about this shower! I just hope it doesn't rain/snow!

How far along: 29 weeks! (I thought I was 30 weeks already when I started writing this post....Trying to get to that 3-0 too soon!)

Total weight gain: None this week! I am really trying to be better about my food choices.
Maternity clothes: Got a ton of outfits at the consignment sale this weekend! Very exciting! My shoes are starting to no longer fit though :( I am really hoping they go back to normal after the baby comes. My shoe collection is irreplaceable!!!
Stretch marks: Nada! Can't believe it, but I am swearing by my stretch mark oil.
Sleep: Passing out each night without even reading! Which is really surprising since usually it takes me a good 45 minutes to decompress enough to sleep. Been waking up more to pee every night (sorry) but still feeling good.
Best moment of this week: Watching football with Dan and getting to take a nap Sunday!
Miss anything: Wearing high heels!
Movement: Still a lot though maybe not as much this week. I did notice that he seems to like to hang out on the right side of my belly and that makes my belly look uneven. Which is kinda cool/weird.
Food cravings: Greek food! And there are NO Greek restaurants in our town! :(
Anything making you queasy or sick: Feeling good really! Not very hungry most of the time.
Have you started to show yet: Ummmmm yeah.
This outfit was provided by my friend Kate so I had a teacher friend
take a pic of me in it so I could show her. Even not turned sideways I am looking pretty pregnant!

Gender: Boy-noise with dirt on it
Labor signs: Little bit of Braxton Hicks this week I think. Belly was tightening some and it made me stop for a minute. Nothing painful though.
Belly button in or out: Getting sooooo shallow. Kinda freaking me out.
Wedding rings on or off: Pretty swollen all over this week. Face, fingers, feet and ankles. May just need to drink more water.
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy! Tired! Busy!
Looking forward to: A surprise 3-day weekend this weekend. We have school off on Friday now for a state championship baseball game. I think I will enjoy sleeping in immensely! I may even try and start cleaning the house for the shower!

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