Sunday, September 15, 2013

This is a blog post

-Julia  "I need to write a blog post tonight."

                                     "I'll write one if you want."  -Dan

-Julia  "Really?!!  That would be really great if you did.
            I don't even care what you write.  Just something."
                                              "Yeah, no problem."  -Dan

-Julia  "Just don't write 'This is a blog post' and nothing else."

                                              "  :-p "                       -Dan

                                                                    This is a blog post.

Well the business stuff first.  Julia said not much else has changed.  She's still pregnant.  She is still not putting up with my "lip."  And she still thinks rootbeer floats are a reason to get up in the mornings.  All caught up?  Good.  Next.

I'm sure those of you who have had children all know about the conversations that arise with anyone when you disclose the fact that you're pregnant.  Due date, sex, names, favorite coffees (editors note: who gets to drink coffee?? not me!) It is always a light-hearted fun conversation but I've noticed something.  Lots of people tell me we're going to be good parents.  I like the idea that I won't fail but I certainly don't have that confidence yet.  I only just recently realized that I have never thought to ask people why  they thought we would be good parents.  I still haven't but I was lucky enough to speak with one of my newest friends last night who has just recently crossed the line in the parenthood sand.

    "The exhaustion is extreme, but it's overwhelmingly made up for by the smiles and giggles.  You just look at her and she farts and you're like 'Aww.' "  -Paraphrased from Dave Carter

Thank you.  Thanks for saying that this is going to be rough for a little while.  And then in the same sentence telling me why you're still smiling.  This does more to alleviate my worries than hearing "you're going to love it."
                                                 Because I will not love losing sleep. (Neither will I!)

I found a lot of solace in the simple explanation of cause and effect in child rearing.  Feels nice to give yourself permission to admit that life isn't perfect but it's still worth it.

This has been a blog post.
(Thanks Dan!! I have a midwife appointment this Friday. More updates next week!)

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