Sunday, September 8, 2013

Double Digits!

We are at day 99 before Baby Harts arrives!

It's fun to finally be in double digits, when we started at almost 300.

I won't say the days are fast, but the weeks are flying already! School is going well and I had my first rehearsal today with my choir at First Presbyterian. I think I will really enjoy the job there since it is very much like what I already do every week. 

This week has been a little weird though because I feel like my belly shrunk!

26 weeks

Here is a comparison from last week:
I guess maybe I just haven't grown? Not necessarily "shrunk"

I definitely felt less pregnant this week though. Not as many aches and pains thanks to a new mattress topper we got for our bed.

But Baby Harts has been kicking up a storm, letting himself be known. So no worries there!

Dan and I spent a lovely weekend together since he actually had the weekend off. And we weren't running around like a chicken with our head cut off either! We had nothing to get done for the nursery and nothing to get ready for or clean. We slept in, hung out with friends and went and saw RENT over in Springfield on Saturday night. 

It was nice having a "normal" weekend. We don't get them very often and know how few and far between they will be once we add a baby into the mix. This week is super busy for me with aqua aerobics, pre-natal yoga and Open House at school. Dan should have some more down time though before he has another gig this weekend.

Question Time!

How far along: 26 weeks! (not months!)

Total weight gain: Lost 2 pounds!! I KNOW! I think just running around school all day and being super busy at night too kept me from stuffing my face. But hey! I don't mind! 
Maternity clothes: Stupid hot weather! Nothing is comfortable when it's that hot out and I am starting to run a lot hotter too. My students complain about how cold my room is, but I just tell them I am baking a human and try and bring a jacket to music.
Stretch marks: None! Still! :D
Sleep: Ahhhhhhhhh. Soooo much better! I love my mattress topper! If I could just get the charlie horses to stop and the nightmares (from watching too much Dexter) I would be perfect!
Best moment of this week: Having a relaxing weekend with Dan. And getting through my first choir rehearsal at my new gig!
Miss anything: Alcohol. I know, I know, but we went out with friends both Friday and Saturday night. Sitting outside in the summer time was always my favorite time to have a cocktail. Dan jokes he is drinking for "two" now. He also doesn't mind that we never have to talk about who will be the DD for the night!
Movement: Still everyday. More of a "pushing off" feeling this week. DAN GOT TO FEEL BABY HARTS MOVE!!! The first time!!! We were over at a friend's house watching TV and Baby Harts was kicking up a storm. I put Dan's hand on my belly and the baby kept kicking. Dan felt 2 good kicks! Super happy!
Food cravings: Candy and Cereal (why can't I crave beets? or spinach??)
Anything making you queasy or sick: Still feeling good.
Have you started to show yet: No growing this week! Luckily I usually still look pregnant. 
Gender: Baby Boy Harts
Labor signs: Had a pretty bad cramp that lasted a good 30 seconds in the parking lot today. Had to breathe a little, but I don't see it as a labor sign. I went home and drank some water and laid down since that is what the midwives said to do if I began to cramp. It hasn't returned.
Belly button in or out: Still in!
Wedding rings on or off: Testing them out a lot everyday to see if I can still take them off. My wedding ring I can't sometimes. Not sure if it worries me enough yet to get another ring though.
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy! Great week!
Looking forward to: Can I say sleeping in next weekend? Too soon? 

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