Sunday, November 24, 2013

New Normal

This week was the beginning of a new normal for us. I ended up not having school all week due to the F-3 tornado that hit our little school town on Sunday afternoon.

We have over 30 families who no longer have a house at all. Over 200 homes were damaged in some way. This is our new normal. Kids who have lived in the same house their whole lives are now homeless. Kids that were looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas are now worried if they will have any clothes to wear to school on Monday. 

I felt so helpless Monday morning watching news account after news account about the destruction in the town. Being 8 months pregnant though was keeping me from being accepted as a volunteer for the Red Cross. Luckily another teacher mentioned how many parents didn't know what to do with their kids as they tried to put their lives back together. 

We were able to set up a free daycare at a local church with free food from the Red Cross and donors. We had over 25 kids each day and volunteers and teachers running the child care. It. Was. Awesome. Being able to see my students and parents as well as helping out the community made me feel less helpless. 

We had a meeting at school on Friday about the plan for the last 2 days of school before Thanksgiving break. We still do not have water or internet at the school, but we do have power and heat. 
The school was not damaged, though our bus barn was completely demolished and 2 buses are gone. 

It was hard to try and think about something as unimportant as my Christmas concerts, but after talking to some teachers and community members it seems that the concerts should go on as planned. 
It will be something for the kids to look forward to as well as something the community can come to and enjoy together.  I will have to change up my original plan for the concert since we really couldn't pull off a "normal" program in this short of a time, but it will still be something that everyone can at least enjoy.

I have to admit that so many things I was stressed out about, don't seem as important now. 

We are continuing on though....with our new normal.

Last week (which seems like a year ago!) we met with the midwives. Everything looks great though I am now measuring 2 WHOLE WEEKS behind! I immediately became a little worried, but the midwife assured me that everything is still right on schedule. I don't mind the kid being late, I just want to make sure that everything is ok. 

The easiest way I think to get caught up is to answer some questions....

How far along: 37 weeks. Holy. Crap.
Total weight gain: LOST 1 POUND! LOST 1 POUND! At least last week at my midwives appointment I had. I knew Cracked Truck was throwing me off! 
Maternity clothes: Luckily a cold snap hit and I can feel comfortable in sweaters. Had to buy a new dress for the Christmas concerts though since the sweater dress I had planned on wearing would probably make me pass out from heat.
Stretch marks: Again, I feel I haven't explained this well enough. I am not one of those lucky 17 women that never get stretch marks. I have stretch marks already from when I grew too fast my 5th grade year of school. But! I don't have any from this pregnancy! I will give the stretch mark oil I used as shower gifts for everyone from now on.
Sleep: Starting to get a bit uncomfortable. I can't roll over easily without some pain. I also have been waking up once a night with either heartburn or a strong desire to go pee (sorry!). Usually I can't go back to sleep for about an hour after that, but I don't feel exhausted during the day really. 
Best moment of this week: Getting to help out my school community and feeling a little less helpless. I also got to have a prenatal massage on Friday. It. Was. Awesome! And one more thing, getting more and more ready for this kid to get here. We got a little tree for the hospital room: 
Blue for our boy

And a diaper bag for Dan:
He loves it.

My hospital bag is packed and his almost is. The nursery is soooo close to being done and we got some cloth diapers this week from an awesome friend (Hi Sara!)!

Miss anything: Wine. Can you tell we are getting close to the holidays??

Movement: Baby Harts seems to be moving a little less and more shifting around. Case in point: 
I looked down at my belly and realized Little Boy was hanging out on one side.

Food cravings: Well I may have gone to the store hungry last Friday night. That may have been a bad thing.
Dan now knows never to send a pregnant woman to the grocery store hungry every again.

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Some heartburn. Which for me consists of feeling like I am constantly throwing up in my mouth (sorry! sorry!). Not fun, especially at night.
Have you started to show yet: I got told today that I didn't look like I was due in 3 weeks! YAY! :) So not HUGE, but definetely starting to waddle.
Gender: Fell in love with a boy I fell in love once and almost completely He's in love with the world And sometimes these feelings can be so misleading
Labor signs: Getting a little more crampy. Also just feel stretched at times and my stomach gets hard. 
Belly button in or out: Still in but super flat. 
Wedding rings on or off: Well I finally had to do it. After waking up with my 4th finger slightly tingly and numb I knew my rings were getting too tight. 
This was 24 hours after taking off my rings

So Dan and I ran to Target (what better place to get a pretend wedding ring??) and bought a 10 dollar wedding band so I wouldn't feel weird walking around without something.

Simple and hopefully will fit the rest of the pregnancy!
Happy or moody most of the time: Rough week of emotions and stress. Working on the nursery was sort of my happy place this week. We have all the furniture and everything arranged. I am finishing up some art projects and then we'll hang everything up and be done!
An old t-shirt from a band Dan used to be in. Now art for our little boy's nursery!

Looking forward to: Short week at school (which feels weird considering I haven't been at school for a week!) and then family coming into town for Thanksgiving. I am not cooking this year, we have reservations at a restaurant, and it should be nice and low key. Midwife appointment again this Friday and every week from now on. Getting really close to D-Day! 

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