Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Nursery!!

Trumpet fanfare!

Here it is! What you (ok me) have been waiting for! I have thought, planned and executed everything I wanted to do. It is the perfect nursery for us. Dan and I both love it.

I like to go in there and just sit and look around, imagining what it will be like once little boy gets here. 

For right now here are just a bunch of pictures. I will do another post with the info for the week (38!) later on.


The nursery: woodland, modern, gray, aqua and red

Bucky the deer head and Mr. Moose!

The art wall. Everything either given as a gift or made by me! ;) 
If you look closely you can see what his name will be!

Woodland mobile. My favorite part...made by me! :)

The little crib where he will rest his head!

Cute little creatures to keep him company in the crib. 

My great grandmother's dresser refinished in white with "twig" hardware

One half the closet. We have enough clothes!

Other half of closet. Seriously! No more clothes!

Bucky Jr. 

I love my little red tweet lamp!

Welcome home Baby Harts!

Gotta love IKEA

The art wall over the crib and changing table. Notice high tech camera in top right corner.
Dan is so excited to use it!

Love my art wall!

I didn't even notice Midas had made it into this picture. But that is his favorite spot to lay. 


  1. Oh my god you guys, this is beautiful! I love the mobile especially! The little mushroom! Julia, this is adorable. Well done! I can't wait to see it all in person! I like exclamation marks I guess!

  2. Incredibly sweet space!
    Love the pix and that Midas has a place all picked out to stand guard over that hi tech camera :-)
    Sweet space- looking forward to all the future pix and blogs. Thx much��