Sunday, June 2, 2013

8 weeks!


Today we got to see our little penguin again! 

Today they really looked like a penguin too! Sorry. Not "they", "it". There is only one. 

We are finally starting to tell people too. It seems more real and even a happier, less stressful, occasion now.

I think Dan said it best last night: "It has been a long 8 weeks!"

Hopefully from here on out it will be smooth sailing.
So far I have no pregnancy symptoms and feel great! A little tired, but I am used to that from the chemo anyway. It's fun to go to bed at 8:30. I am not drinking coffee right now so it also helps that my bedtime is a lot earlier.  (Editor's Note:  This is a bold face lie.  She is in bed at 7:30 each night)

13 more days left of school and then I can relax my summer away! Well and go to grad school and work at the Orpheum.

I am going to tell all my fellow teachers on the last day of school. :) 
I'm already excited about it! :) :) :)

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