Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Everything is going so well


So why am I not more relaxed?

All my concerts went well. Besides two graduation ceremonies I am pretty much flying through the rest of the year.

I feel great! Despite now needing to go to bed every night at 8pm I feel fantastic.  (Editor's Note:  Still not telling the truth about bed time huh?)

No nausea, no dizziness, no grossness.

I still miss coffee, and have been having cravings for soda even though I haven't touched the stuff since the first of the year. Part of our eat-good-stuff-not-crap plan.

I took last week off of working out due to all my concerts and wanting to make sure my 8-week sono looked good. Which it did! Here is our little penguin:

But I went and worked out last night and felt fine. Maybe even too fine. I immediately started to worry that something was wrong. My heart rate wasn't going crazy, I felt fine pushing myself like crazy during kickboxing.

So yeah. Then the worrying began again. It is so hard after always being in control of what happens to your body; what you put in it, what you expect out of it, what you wear on it; that you now have no control over something very important. Something you can't see or check on whenever you want. Something that from day to day could change drastically and you would have no idea.

So I keep trying to tell myself that I have been released from Infertility  I am officially a regular old, but not that old, pregnant lady with my first prenatal appointment on May 24th.  

We even felt confident enough to tell our parents this past week that we were pregnant. Dan's mom was overjoyed and we caught my parents reaction on tape. I have to post it because I think it is so awesome. If you don't feel like waiting through all the banter we have while she is opening her mother's day gifts you should skip to 2:15 in the video.

So she opened a coffee mug that said  "World's Okayest Mom" on the front, but on the back it read "World's Greatest Grandma". That's why when she turned it around and read it she immediately stopped.

I have to explain a little since I think Dan would probably want me to. I picked out that mug months ago. In fact I have picked out how I wanted to tell certain people for years.  (Editor's Note: YEARS.)I love surprising people (even though I hate surprises) and also love to plan. I knew someday this would be a big deal for me and I wanted to be ready. If we had found out we were pregnant near Christmas or near my Dad's birthday I had different things picked out to tell them. So yeah. You could say I was thrilled with my Mom's reaction. It went exactly according to plan!
So yeah. Things are going great. Now if only my brain would believe it.


  1. That video almost made me cry! :) Super sweet. And try Izze sparkling juice. It works for those soda cravings!

  2. :D :D we just noticed you started posting again. Awesome reveal! We're so excited for you two :D