Sunday, June 30, 2013

Holy Cow! 4 months!

I am sort of in shock at the moment. One, the days are getting away from me (stupid summer vacation) and I completely forgot it was Sunday! And two, I am in shock that I get to write about being 4 months pregnant!

That seems so loooonnnggg! I never would have believed I was going to be able to write this post, but I am beyond happy I can! :)

So on to being 4 months pregnant. 

Well, here's the thing...I had an appointment with my midwife on Thursday and got to ask all the fun questions about being pregnant. "What are these weird brown streaks all over my arms and legs?" "Oh, that's the melasma that kicks into high gear when you are pregnant. Don't worry it will go away after the baby comes." Ok, great. But it looks like I have been coloring on myself with brown marker. Bleh! "Can I dye my hair now, I really want to!" "Well it's perfectly fine to dye your hair after the first trimester but you should only get foils." Oh. Well. I don't want foils. I want to go uber dark with all over hair dye. So nope. Can't do that either. 

Then we talk about the nuchal scan readings. "Well it looks like you have a 1 in 10,000 chance of having a baby with down syndrome or trisomy 13 or 18." YAY! Happy dance! "It looks like your placenta is actually anterior though." Crap.

Oh Dan

So yeah. Anterior placenta's are stupid. 

The most cartoon-y pic I could find of this. You're welcome!

With an anterior placenta I won't be able to feel the baby move as early or as much. So that stinks! Next week was when I was going to start to really pay attention for movement since they say 16 weeks is the time.

We are hoping that the placenta will actually move up as I become bigger and bigger and my uterus stretches out. It doesn't harm the baby and it doesn't harm me, it is just inconvenient. 

So if anybody has any good stories about anterior placenta please leave them in the comments to make me feel better. Thanks.

Onto the questions!!!

How far along: 4 months!

Total weight gain: 2 pounds gained (Womp, womp)
Maternity clothes: Actually wore a maternity tank this weekend. I bought my first pair of maternity jeans too! Got them at a great resale shop in town and they were only 10 bux! They are really cute but haven't worn them yet. My fat jeans are officially hard to button though so it may be soon.
Stretch marks: Nada
Sleep: Sleeping A LOT harder lately. Dan has noticed since the dog doesn't wake me up first anymore in the mornings. He also says I am talking nonsense a lot more during the night. Funny story...One night last week Dan come to bed really late and must of kinda woke me up because I immediately thought there was a stranger in my bed and I needed to get help. Dan says I popped right out of bed and walked into the hall. Then I slowly turned around and came back to bed telling him that I thought he was "a stranger that I had to get away from". Then immediately passed back out. He got a kick out of telling me that story the next day.
Best moment of this week: I got my haircut! For the first time since chemo! Before: fluffy and crazy!                                                         After: Nicely coiffed!

Miss anything: This week was a lot better. Did crave a coffee Saturday morning when Dan and I went to Starbucks, but I stuck with a tea.
Movement: Sadly no, and maybe not for awhile. 
Food cravings: Just HUNGRY. Like all the time. Eating double portions and finishing everything on my plate. This could stop anytime. Please.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Wasn't a fan of working out at the gym this week. All the bouncing around made me a little queasy. May need to finally sign up for those pre-natal yoga classes and stop doing the hardcore kickboxing stuff.
Have you started to show yet: Yep. I would say it is there. Still probably don't look pregnant to strangers and I disappointed a teacher friend at the Gifford celebration by not "looking" more pregnant. But hey, I got plenty of time to be big!
Gender: Starting to try old wives tales. Half have said girl half have said boy. Sigh. But this weekend I had my first guess of a boy!
Labor signs: N/A
Belly button in or out: In
Wedding rings on or off: On, they don't feel tight at all yet.
Happy or moody most of the time: Pretty tired this week for whatever reason (ummm maybe being pregnant?!) but feeling pretty good. Have noticed I will start crying uncontrollably at things I used to only shed a few tears over. Away We Go was a sob fest last weekend. Great movie though.
Looking forward to: 4th of July this week though I have no idea what we are doing and Dan has a gig in Pittsburgh the next day so he might not even be here for it. So yeah. Can I start looking forward to the last week of grad school in 3 weeks? Is that too far ahead?

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  1. Congratulations on 4 months Julia! Keep makin' that baby :)