Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What a difference...


A year makes!

Almost a year ago to the day I found out I had cancer. May 31st, 2012 actually. That was the last day of school for us. We had a party that night for a teacher who was moving. Dan and I were planning on going, but after the "phone call" we no longer felt like celebrating.

Now a year later I announced to the teachers at my school that I was pregnant!

It doesn't seem long enough. Has it really only been a year that we got to deal with all of this?? Has it really only been 6 months since my last treatment?! The midwife we met with on Tuesday for our first appointment was amazed.

And after I thought about it more, I was too.

Last May I had so much to NOT look forward too. Surgeries, chemo, sickness and losing my hair. This May I have SO much to look forward to! Maternity clothes, baby showers and decorating the nursery.

Our friends and family are amazed with us. I hated telling everyone last year that we needed to talk with them. I felt like everyone was thinking we had happy news. Everyone was shocked when we told them I had cancer. They never expected it. Neither did we. 

Now we finally get to share good news.

To say that I am grateful, to say that I am thankful, would be the emotional understatement of the year.

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