Sunday, June 2, 2013

So close


Today I am 10 weeks. I so want to tell everybody at school, but I just don't want to deal with having to tell a whole school if something goes wrong this summer. So I am not going to. I think I might tell the teachers on Friday or Tuesday since they are institute days and we won't have kids. I'll tell everybody else in August! Or at least some parents who follow my blog will see these posts and I bet word will spread pretty quickly.

I went and bought a heart rate doppler  It is soooo cool! I can find the baby's heartbeat pretty easily and hear it beating away whenever I want. It has really helped my anxiety level with all of this. I have even been smiling to myself at school when I think about hearing the little heart beating inside me. 

So yeah, there was some debate between Dan and I about how "safe" we felt the home doppler was, but we did a lot of research and it seems perfectly fine. And since my anxiety level has gone from a 100 to about 10 I feel it's worth it.

Summer is almost here and I am looking forward to my parents coming over for Memorial Day weekend. We are going to cook out a ton, get my flower beds in order, and maybe go shopping for some pregnancy clothes. Some pants are getting a little tight so I have taken to wearing skirts and stretchy things. Nothing that says "maternity" yet for me though. I still have plenty of time for that.  (Editor's Note: "Ain't nobody got time for that")

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